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Hey all, so with school out of the way for winter break, I've come to the decision to bid the year farewell with something hopefully everyone could enjoy.  A grand-old get-together that'll keep your hearts nice and toasty this Christmas season.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm referring to an OC Get-Together~

Now it might not sound like a whole lot just yet, but I hope with enough time before the clock strikes 2015 that this could be made into something great.  Anyway, here's the rough outline of how I plan to handle this all.


A ragtag bunch of shapeshifting sirens decide to hold a get-together at the Expendependable Lodge, a cozy little resort somewhere between the Catskills and the North Pole where *cough* nothing could possibly go wrong.  Cue all sorts of yule-tide nuttery and workers who just can't keep a grip on these malleable mistresses and you've got instant holiday memories~

Each part will count as one picture, with all the characters that are assigned to their respective parts appearing as such.  In total there’ll be three pictures featuring these OCs:

PART 1: The Slopes!  Featuring such staples as Skiing, Snowboarding, Bob/Sledding, Snowballing, And the inevitable Yeti (PARTICIPANT LIMIT: 10)

PART 2: The Spas!  Featuring massages (Special packages going for slimes and malleables), fitness centers, and a hot tub! (PARTICIPANT LIMIT: 10)

PART 3: The Feast!  While the winter night may be cold, the sense of togetherness inside is enough to melt the most-persistant of permafrost.  That and food.  Lots, and lots, of food.  And hot cocoa!~ (ALL OCS WILL BE FEATURED HERE)

OVERALL TARGET OF PARTICIPANTS: 21 (including one of my own throughout the pictures)

And now, here's how you could get in on the fun:

Send a comment/note of the OC you want to add into the fun with whichever part you want her/him to participate in and what action she/he will have in the picture.  Though do try and keep the action PG-13 at the most, please.

The OC MUST already be established as an elastic/malleable/slime. 

Each participant is permitted ONE OC to ONE part/picture (with the exception being Part 3 where everyone who previously appeared will join together).

Furthermore, you MUST be someone I already know and have already talked with more than just ONCE in the past. 

Anyone who I DON’T know, or have been already blocked in the past will be denied, and that’s all there is to it.

Just a few last tidbits...

FIRST AND FOREMOST, don’t worry if you can’t necessarily draw, I plan on drawing this entire thing on my own.

To get into either of the two parts, make sure to decide ASAP since I’ll be going by a “First Come, First Serve” basis.

In the case where the Participant Target is exceeded, I’ll have no choice but to extend the Participant Limits for each part/picture.

Participants are permitted to collaborate among one-another in the case where they’d like their OCs to interact in some specific way.

And finally, just a fair warning.  Simply describing the action you’d want your participant to act out is all good and I'll probably be able to work through it just fine, however a stick-figure sketch will always help out much more if I were to get confused by the direction provided.

ANYHOW I think that'll do for now.  I plan on hopefully shooting for a pretty high number of OCs to draw, and I plan on hopefully starting up by next Saturday, so if the word could be spread on this project then I'll certainly appreciate the help.


-Part 1-
:iconcrazygameguy: - Polymurr (Snowboarding)
:iconxthepagancanidx: - Svetlana (Snowballing)
:iconjack-hoo: - Lucy (Snowball Fighting)
:icongamepal: - Ella (Snowball Fighting)
:iconfrogwalker: - Santa Plastic (Snowball Fighting)
:iconbaisuzhen: - Mei (Competitive Skiing)
:iconsir-kuma: - Vulan (Skiing)
:iconballoonprincess: - Israfel/Ricochet (DANGEROUSLY Skiing)
:iconkakuepsilon: - Emily Myria (Poking the Yeti)

-Part 2- (FULL!~)
:iconjonnothehedgehog: - Jin (Hot Tubbing)
:iconmizox: - Hinichi (Hot Tubbing)
:iconkai-chronaius: - Kia (Hot Tubbing)
:iconhavent-slept: - RubberMaid (Hot Tubbing)
:icontwiligravity: - April (Shaped up into a Volcanion providing heat to the hot tub)
:iconj-don-bonne: - Natsu (Back Massage)
:icondremare: - Malle (Flattening Massage)
:iconalmond077: - Tina (Hot Stones Massage)
:iconpainfulelegy: - Alice (Weight Training)
:icondracodragite: - Donna (Yoga)


  • Mood: Christmas Spirited

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